TREADLUBE Treadmill Belt Spray 500 ml


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TREADLUBE  is an extremely versatile silicon base product acting as a cleaner, lubricant & rust preventative,  Although it is use as a general purpose maintenance aid , it is most Suitable for the lubrication of TREADMILLS & other fitness equipment.


  • To be sprayed in between the belt and deck (platform) of the 'TREADMILL' 
  • Both the rollers on it's bearing holder Places / Rear roller Surface.
  • All Physical motive mechanism. Including Transport wheels,  Locking mechanism , Incline mechanism , all allen & nut bolt Fitting.
  • All types of gym equipment in their motive parts & mechanism. 
  • User  Instructions 
  • Please clean inner surface of running belt & board by dry hosiery (Plane) Cotton cloth with raping on plam 
  • Shake well before use.
  • Hold can upright and spray 15-20 cms away from the area of application.
  • Use extension tube for pinpoint application.
  • Replace cap after use.
  • Country of Origin  : India 


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