Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tube


Level I RSTB 16075 Level II RSTB16076 Level III RSTB 16077: Level (I) RSTB 16075
Rs 1,600
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Resistance Tubes are progressively becoming more popular for both individual workouts as well as in group setting. Available in light, medium and heavy resistance, the 122cm long Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tubes are made from 100% natural rubber, making them highly durable and sustainable for high volume use. The Reebok Adjustable Resistance Tubes are a versatile piece of equipment working both the upper and lower body to help improve overall fitness. Ideal for body conditioning and circuit training, the tube's high density anti-sweat PU handles ensure the user gains a solid grip throughout their workout. A simple mechanism alters the length of the tubes to the preference of the user.

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