Reebok L2 Power Tube Resistance Tube


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Reebok Power Tube Level 2 is used for a variety of fitness activities, and training types such as cardio, strength, toning and rehabilitation, the highly durable resistance tubes help improve strength and flexibility.

Supplied at a length of 156cm, the Reebok Power Tubes feature an outer sleeve which helps provide additional protection. It's small and lightweight, making it easily portable and perfect for exercise in any environment. When not in use, the Reebok Power Tubes can be easily and safely stored using the Reebok Power Tube Rack.
Outer sleeve provides protection from injury should the power tube break during use.
Available in 5 resistance levels with Level 2 being the lightest and level 5 being the heaviest.


  • Special recesses for fastening the tubular expander.
  • Level 2 resistance tubes
  • The nylon cover provides protection to the user in the event of a sudden burst of the expander.
  • Handles are numbered depending on the degree of loading and have an antidote coating.
  • Dimensions: (L xW xH) 156 x 13 x 3.5 cm.

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