Precise Bulldog Carrom Board


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Precise Carom Board

Elegant class of quality means top playing surface is of Birch A- quality plywood without any joints & marks on playing surface. The quality and appearance of Birch Plywood are such that still today no one has able to find substitute for the same plywood in carrom board. This plywood are the best choice of tournament players around the world and in almost all the tournaments of The All India Carrom Federation and International Carrom Federation are played on carrom boards with birch plywood as a playing surface.

From our experience we have understand the nature and quality of birch plywood and are using the best available grade for our carrom boards that is why our Elegant models are being popular all over the world and some people called our company name as Precise Elegant company.


Carrom Board Additional Features

Foam Sheet in Playing Surface : Each "Deluxe" range of carrom boards playing surface are covered with Unbreakable Thick Foam Sheet to lifetime safeguard playing surface.

Heavy Thick Carrom Net : Each "Deluxe" range of carrom boards are fitted with thick and big sized woolen carrom net for longer life of carrom net.

Corrugate Box : Each "Deluxe" range of carrom boards is packed in thick corrugated box to safeguard the carrom boards during handling, transit and storage.

Attractive Carrom Accessories : Each Elegant Range of Carrom Board are packed with quality Carrommen, Carrom Striker, Carrom powder that are officially used in national and international level tournament. The amount for these accessories itself is worth more than 1000 INR. The Striker is about +-15gms as Approved by Regulation. The Carrom Powder Send with Board is not a Generic Boric Powder, but special Boric Powder made specially for usage in Carrom Board

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