GM Mana 333 Full Size English Willow Cricket Bat

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GM cricket bats are recognised by professional players and rival brands as the best cricket bats in the World. Pick up & play with a GM Cricket Bat and feel the difference. Each and every bat is handcrafted to the unwavering standards of GM and modern manufacturing.The entire blade is engineered to give more pronounced bow leading to improved pick-up and superb maneuverability.Its extended Power Zone from mid to lower part of blade provides monstrous hitting area and suits the subcontinental pitches. Once you strike, you’ll notice extra control, touch and feel, all thanks to its treble-spring multi-piece cane handle and superior cushioned grip.


  • Handle : short handle
  • Weight 1170-1230
  • Bat grade :grade 4
  • Shortened l540 blade design for dynamic sweetspot
  • Handle length 310 mm
  • Substantial edges at drive zone
  • Pronounced spine profile
  • Concaved back profile flatter toe design
  • Engineered power at drive zone
  • Age:above 15
  • Playing level : intermediate
  • Cover included : yes

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