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Bigmuscles nutrition superior whey protein contains 24 g of concentrate whey protein just what you need to pump up your blood levels of amino acids quickly right after exercise. Combined with the vasodilating effects of no, this creates a virtual amino acid nitrogen "bullet train" that helps your muscles rebound from your workouts with greater mass, strength and resilience, faster. Sounds like more than just a drink that is ready for consumption, doesn't it? Drinking bigmuscles nutrition superior whey protein provides an oasis of one-of-a-kind taste. That's the first thing you will notice. As this mouth-watering beverage enters your system, the 24 grams of whey will quietly undergo digestion, liberating free amino acid nitrogen will begin to surge- just what you want right after your muscle-crunching workout. Thus, your muscles are soaking in the best quality lean muscle construction materials available. The worries you had about your old dietary habits can rest in peace. It incorporates a perfect blend of protein blend (whey protein concentrate), (avonlactm) and whey protein isolate (provontm)(79 percent), sucralose (ins955), preservative (e211), thickner (415). Avonlac and provon are registered trademark of glanbia nutritionals.


  • The purest and the safest nutrition with high level of naturally occuring bcaa's available for explosive energy required for rigorous training sessions
  • It comes with a great taste and provides all the nutrients essential for the body along with 0g of sugar
  • It helps to supply nutrients for longer training sessions and reduces muscle breakdown and improves immunity
  • Contains 24 g of muscle building whey protein per serving
  • To prepare one serving, take one scoop (approx, 30 g) in a shaker and add 150ml of cold water or milk, shake well before drinking

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